DATING LIFE- The Struggle


Of course I had to blog about my dating life seeing as it seems to be everyone’s favorite topic of discussion when it comes to me! So I’ll use this post to set some stuff straight, for those that are interested and those who are waiting to slide into my DM’s ;0

I feel like people put so much emphasis on dating. My mum is the worst, she  puts so much pressure on me when it comes to having a boyfriend, ‘Bells why did you go to university  for three years and come back single?’  As if that’s why I went ! It also seems to be a common issue with most of my close friends who are single. There’s so much pressure on us to settle down and yet trying to find Mr perfect who comes with no baggage is nearly impossible at this day and age. (Even guys our age!)

At this rate, being a cat lady is legit becoming a possibility , Like, should I see a dating guru?. WHERE DOES EVERYONE ELSE FIND THEIR MR PERFECT’S? OR AM I LOOKING IN ALL THE WRONG PLACES.

So here’s the thing, I’ve been pretty open and have tried different approaches like online dating, speed dating etc…but it just seemed to be getting worse and worse 😦

Have you ever been on a date and the guy is whispering in your ear and telling you about the  things he wish he could do to you? Why do men think it’s acceptable to talk to a lady like that?. It was the biggest turn off, it literally made me want to vom.  I wasn’t quite sure how to respond to that but the date definitely went from Bad to worse. I had to message my friend to try and get me out of that awkward situation.  I’ve literally got to a stage in my life where I’ve  stopped trying and hope MR perfect will just come. By perfect I mean nice teeth, tall , no children , a stable job and good personality. Not too much to ask for, RIGHT?

Friends even advised me to join tinder and when I finally did, I matched with this really good looking Guy. He messaged me straight away and I got so excited, I was literally rehearsing what I was going to say to him, till I read his message which said ; ‘WOULD YOU LIKE TO GO TO DINNER THEN HOTEL?’ CAN YOU IMAGINNEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. Needless to say I deleted my Tinder account right away . However , saying that , I have a lot of friends that have met really nice guys on there,  which is great for them but I have decided online dating is not for me. First of all you just never know what to write in the BIO and second of all just no, it’s not for me. ISSSAAA NO 

If you’re reading this and were contemplating it – please do try it , what works for one doesn’t work for others lol , It’s funny how things work out  when your least expect them to. Something always pops up when you’re finally okay with being single for the rest  of your life, lol like I was browsing through my Instagram as you do , Then BANG! DM, when I got the DM I generally thought  it was one of those freshies just trying it, LOL! I never  take people who DM me seriously, or reply to their messages,  but this time  it was like GOD told me to give this one a chance.  

It ended up being this really nice guy, who made me laugh straight away and who caught my attention. We exchanged numbers , talked and went on dates. It didn’t end up working out … So my message to you single ladies would be, don’t knock it till you try it. ( SINGS ) * IT GOES DOWN IN THE DM IT GOOO DOWN *



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